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Richard Flanagan’s next book, Question 7, to be published in the UK in May 2024

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We’re thrilled to share that Australian author Richard Flanagan’s latest non-fiction work, Question 7, a compelling exploration of the choices we make in love and the ensuing chain reactions, will be published in the UK on 30 May 2024.

Question 7 delves into the intricacies of love, with a narrative that spans from H G Wells and Rebecca West’s affair, traversing 1930s nuclear physics, to Flanagan’s father’s experience as a slave labourer near Hiroshima during the atomic bomb drop. The story reaches a critical point when Flanagan, as a young man, finds himself caught in a wild river rapid, uncertain of whether he will survive. The publisher describes the book as a “hypnotic melding of memory and history, science and dream,” illustrating how our lives often emerge from the stories of others and the narratives we construct about ourselves.

Describing the work as a captivating blend of memory, history, science, and dream, publishing director Clara Farmer highlights its exploration of significant themes such as war, peace, love, and loss. She notes that Question 7 is Flanagan’s most personal book, offering poignant descriptions of home and family that resonate deeply. Farmer anticipates an “electrifying” reception in the UK, following the book’s positive reception in Australia.

Flanagan, a previous Man Booker Prize winner for The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Commonwealth Prize recipient for Gould’s Book of Fish, is praised for his astonishingly limber and acrobatic writing in this scintillating memoir. The book, Farmer concludes, bravely stares into the eyes of death while exuding intense and joyful vitality, inviting UK readers to share in the profound experience.

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